e-Assessment. Time to switch?

Is it time to move to e-Assessment?

e-Assessment or online testing is becoming increasingly mainstream. Most important things in life are now dealt with digitally, why should tests and exams be any different?

Could 2017 be the year that your organisation moves to e-Assessment? Why hesitate? Are you unsure as to the benefits of making the change? Perhaps you have a concern about the costs involved or maybe you are just afraid of the unknown. Whatever your reason, we can make it easy for you.

The Cirrus Assessment team has over 50 years combined experience in helping organisations transfer their assessments from paper to e-Assessment. We understand what’s needed to make that change and can support you throughout the process. To help you take that important step forward, we have listed a few of the many reasons for moving your assessments online.

Your Learners Deserve e-Assessment

Learners are always your primary consideration when thinking about your assessment processes. Your candidates deserve the very best opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Millennial students have never known a world without technology. They aren’t used to writing for long periods of time, in fact many are unaccustomed to handwriting anything at all. This is increasingly the case in the workplace too. Let your learners work with what they know.


e-Assessment or online testing is the most secure way to deliver high stakes assessments. We no longer need to rely on couriers to deliver papers to test centres. We don’t need to ensure they are stored securely until exam day and then rely on another set of couriers to deliver them safely back to markers in various locations. Plagiarism tools monitor the authenticity of a student’s work and, in exam situations, variables and question order can be randomised, further reducing opportunities for cheating. If required, unique assessments can be produced for each candidate (linear on the fly testing or LOFT). This significantly enhances test security and integrity. 

Flexibility of Assessment Methods

OFQUAL and other regulatory bodies insist that assessments are ‘valid and fit for purpose’. Creating assessments that are truly ‘fit for purpose’ isn’t always straightforward and no single assessment method fits all. Tests need to accurately assess the skills and knowledge of the candidate, whatever field they are in.

The flexibility of assessment methods offered by e-Assessment makes this so much simpler. It is questionable whether a practical skill can ever be accurately assessed on paper. Let’s consider a doctor’s bedside manner, a vet’s ability to insert a microchip, a mechanic’s ability to change a head gasket?  Video assessment now provides evidence that a candidate can perform a practical task. Moments can be highlighted by an assessor whenever a candidate meets an objective and comments can be noted. This can be an assessment in its own right to demonstrate competence or used as part of a wider assessment programme.


e-Assessment allows for super-efficient processes leading to substantial time savings for educators. Authoring of questions, marking, reporting, administration and invigilation are revolutionised by switching to digital testing.

Assessment Analytics

e-Assessment data can be quickly and easily collated which benefits everyone involved in the assessment process. Candidates receive immediate feedback or feed-forward on formative assessments which they can then use to help with their next assignment. Educators instantly access data from their cohorts to inform their future planning. In addition to this, authors can view psychometric analysis of their assessment and drill down to analyse the quality of each question. Using technology, we can instantly gather data to benefit both learners and educators. Knowledge equals power and improving and enhancing is invaluable when it comes to educating our learners.

Want to discuss your options with one of our team? Get in touch! We are happy to talk through solutions that would suit both you and your learners.