The Cirrus Platform- your first choice for e-Assessment!

The Cirrus Platform is an end to end e-Assessment solution.

E-Assessment solutions are widely acknowledged as the future for exams and qualifications. With this in mind, providers are more keen than ever to get their platforms in front of educators. It’s easy to become baffled by providers who speak in technical jargon to convince you to opt for their solution.

With many different e-Assessment platforms on the market, it’s important for you to work out exactly what each solution offers and which platform suits your individual needs. 

In this week’s blog post we take a look at what makes the Cirrus Platform stand out from the rest. And we promise not to baffle you with jargon! Quite simply…why choose the Cirrus Platform for your e-Assessment?

1. The Cirrus Platform: a cloud-based solution

The Cirrus Platform is based entirely in the cloud. This gives you all the flexibility and performance you would expect from a cloud-based solution, coupled with the guaranteed security that you need from a high stakes examinations system. No servers, no maintenance, no worries!

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2. Scalability

The Cirrus Platform is scalable. It will deliver reliable performance regardless of how many candidates are using it. Starting small but want to be able to extend your e-Assessment programme later? The Cirrus Platform can grow as you grow. 

scalablity e-assessment solutions cirrus assessment

3. Simple, user driven interfaces

We believe that the Cirrus Platform has the most user friendly interface on the market. It’s incredibly easy to design, create, deliver and report on assessments. There’s no need to waste valuable time ‘learning to use the software’. Your team can focus on what’s really important. Creating great assessments!

Cirrus platform screen shot 2017


4. Integration

The Cirrus Platform integrates seamlessly with the other systems in your edtech ecosystem, such as your LMS or your management systems. 

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5. Unique Pricing

We listen closely to feedback from our users. As a result our pricing can be on a ‘per learner’ basis as well as the standard ‘per test’. Whichever best suits your situation. We think this is much fairer for all our customers and gives the same benefits to both awarding organisations and higher education users. Give us a call to discuss likely costs for your requirements. We’re sure you’ll agree!

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If you want to know more about the e-Assessment solutions offered by Cirrus Assessment then get in touch. You can request a brochure, chat through you options with one of our team or have a go with your own trial account. We look forward to hearing from you!