Listening to the learners….


When considering how best to deliver your assessments, your learners and their needs will naturally be of paramount importance to you.

When designing the perfect e-Assessment system, it’s your learners who are at the forefront of our thinking too.Read more

It started with a tweet….

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On a cold and miserable Saturday afternoon in February, a movement began. There had been a flurry of confusing messages and mishaps related to assessment and educators had been left feeling generally bemused. In fact they were more than bemused, they were anxious, uncomfortable and in some cases, angry.

It all started with a tweet. Under the hashtag #LearningFirst, professionals shared their frustrations and concerns. It was obvious that assessment had started to feel overwhelming for so many educators.

Headteacher Dame Alison Peacock and the team at Beyond Levels, took the bull by the horns. What was needed was to gather the profession together, discuss what excellent assessment practice should look like and share it with each other. Simple!Read more

Gimme 5! Why choose Cirrus?


The digital age has well and truly arrived and the world of learning and assessment is evolving fast. With numerous e-Assessment platforms on the market, you need to know what sets us apart from the rest. Put simply, why choose Cirrus Assessment? Read more

Keep it Simple

keep it simple

For those working in education, time is always in short supply.

However enthusiastic educators may be about their students embracing new concepts, they often have precious little time to take on new ideas themselves. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to learn new things or try out different approaches. The battle to keep a lid on stress levels often means there’s only one solution. Keep the status quo and stick with  resources and methods that are tried and tested. It’s the safe and, apparently, time friendly option!

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e-Assessment Security Put to the Test!

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Security is extremely important to our customers when searching for a high stakes e-Assessment system. Their reputation relies heavily on the credibility of their examinations process and they need to put a great deal of trust in the security of their chosen assessment platform.

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