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The holy grail in edtech has to be the use of technology to solve a problem that poses a true inconvenience to those in education. Something that can hamper learning or assessment or hinder access for students.

In the area of assessment, change often takes place slowly. Exams have been carried out in the same way for decades. Exam halls, test papers and a clear plastic bag for a pen, rubber and ruler.

In the past few years, e-Assessment has been moving rapidly into the mainstream. Awarding organisations and educational establishments now recognise the benefits of harnessing technology to ease the examination process for both candidates and assessors. Now there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to innovating the traditional examinations process.Read more

Happy Birthday Cirrus Assessment!


2nd BDAY

Cirrus Assessment is having a party! This week we are delighted to be celebrating our second birthday!

At Cirrus, we pride ourselves on being forward thinking but, now and then, it seems appropriate to take a quick look back over the past two years and check out just how much we have achieved.Read more

Moving on up…! New UK offices for Cirrus Assessment

office move

The Cirrus Assessment team began life a couple of years ago. Two hard working men sat all alone in cold and draughty offices developing their plans to create the next generation in e-Assessment. Lonely violin music whined away in the background while they beavered away at their computers….Read more

The Perfect Solution for e-Assessment in Maths!

sowiso integration chemist

At Cirrus Assessment we love finding solutions to our customers’ problems. There are often times when we find that two heads can solve a problem more effectively than one.

Over recent months, we have visited a number of Learning Technologists in Universities around the UK and the Netherlands. We have taken time to discuss with them the difficulties that they have when assessing maths and mathematical sciences in Higher Education settings.

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EdTechXEurope 2016

edtech europe 2016 wide

EdTechXEurope 2016 takes place next week on 15th and 16th June and I am delighted that the Cirrus team will be attending this year. The event, which is now in its fourth year, is a two day EdTech summit attracting key executives from established learning and education providers.  In addition there will be innovators, educators, policy makers and investors from the education and technology sectors. The event hopes to attract in excess of 800 global attendees.
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