Easy to use

At Cirrus Assessment, we want to redefine how you use your e-Assessment system. With intuitive interfaces, common sense workflows and easy navigation, the Cirrus e-Assessment Platform allows you to focus on what you want to do, create better assessments.


At Cirrus Assessment, we know that you need a reliable and secure e-Assessment system. That’s why we’ve chosen to host the Cirrus Platform with Amazon Web Services, the global leaders in cloud-based computing services. With an infrastructure that scales dynamically with demand, you can deliver assessments to your candidates with confidence and ease.

Always up to date

As the Cirrus Platform is a cloud-based, e-Assessment solution, our users always have the latest version of the software available to them. Regular updates and new features are seamlessly delivered directly to you. No more waiting around for annual software releases.

Things you’ll love…

Transparent Pricing

Fed up with complex pricing structures? At Cirrus Assessment, we do things differently. Our simple pricing structure is based on a per user or a per test model. That includes hosting, upgrades and support. Can’t say fairer than that!

Platform independent

Learners of today want to use a range of devices. Cirrus can run on any device that has a modern browser including smart phones, tablets, PC’s and laptops. How’s that for flexibility?


Unlimited scalability

Small? Large? Or starting small with big ideas? At Cirrus Assessment, size doesn’t matter. Deliver e-Assessment to as many users as you want, when you want.

Truly innovative features

We get excited by what can be achieved using technology. For example, our system has the ability to convert natural hand-writing of text, equations or mathematical expressions into digital form during an assessment. You’ll be amazed by some of things you can do with the Cirrus Platform.

  • Tonight as a huge combined team we managed to create a truly momentous milestone in the assessment of professional accountancy globally. Chartered Accountants Ireland's first ever remote proctored fully regulated exam completed successfully!!!

    Ian, Chartered Accountants